They tell us there's nothing living in the corn fields north of Snohomish... but we've heard the screams....

Come explore the cornfields at Carleton Farm for yourself. They are alive with creatures and effects to chill and thrill you and your friends.

The Haunted Swamp at Carleton Farm is about 10 minutes north of Snohomish. We're off in a little river valley between Everett and Lake Stevens.

Bring your friends - you'll need them.

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College Student Night Oct 4th.

College Students get $10.00 off Triple Fright Combo ticket. Student must present photo ID.

Students please enter the promo code to receive the discount.

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The Haunted Swamp

The Swamp Monster awaits his next victim.  Don't fall prey as you pass through the narrow corn trails. But wait, you have a choice at the doors!  What should you do?  Each has a different destination. Choose wisely and you're greeted by a little girl; poorly and it's Rotten Jack.  You know you have survived if you made it to the jumping alligator bridge.

Zombie Farm 

This is a mini, so a shorter than the Haunted Swamp, but creepy fun.  The farm's had a viral outbreak and Zombies prowl in the dark… yes, there are no lights! It's dark, dark, dark....  Keep quiet as Zombies react to sounds and will hunt you at all costs.  Stay clear of the barn where Zombie feast on their victims. Don't be their next meal!

No-haunt Dark Maze 

Don't want to be freightened, but not afraid of the dark? Explore our "unhaunted" corn maze with freinds and family.
Bring your flashlight, sturdy shoes and bravery.



Not recommended for children under 12. We have a daytime corn maze too!

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